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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tap Takeover at the Pub

Kettle Valley Station Pub in the Ramada Inn & Suites, PentictonBC

This image of “Commander Craft” was captured by surveillance cameras.

Embargoed until 8:00am, Tuesday, July 2

Tree Brewing Co. Plans Taps Takeover at Kettle Valley Station Pub

PENTICTON – In a move clearly aimed to appeal to the growing legion of Penticton craft beer fans in this normally peaceful Okanagan community, radical craft beer brewer Tree Brewing Co. has announced it will take over the Kettle Valley Station Pub taps at 4:00pm on Thursday, July 4.

A distraught Martin Lewis, manager of the pub said, “This has never happened in the Okanagan before. We’re very concerned that we’ll be overrun by a horde of thirsty craft beer lovers. Tree Brewing has said the takeover will continue until, and I quote, ‘the taps run dry’! We’re also worried that with the Valley First Granfondo taking place that weekend the town will be filled with innocent cyclists.”

The communiqué from Tree Brewing proclaimed the slogan “Craft Beer Forever!” and stated their manifesto: “Beer lovers have an undeniable right to fine, flavourful and diverse libations fermented from the finest hops and malt with loving care by independent craft brewers. Penticton beer lovers deserve no less!”

Undisclosed sources have identified the following members of the organization who will take part in the Tap Takeover: Beach Blonde Lager; Kelowna Pilsner; Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale; Cutthroat West Coast Ale; HopHead IPA; Raspberry Porter; Dukes Cider; Groove Session Ale; Wild Ruby Raspberry Infused Ale; HopHead Black IPA and Cask Conditioned Brown Ale.

Tree Brewing is demanding that great craft beers should be available everywhere. The Kelowna-based organization is known to have been actively promoting craft beers since 1996 and claims responsibility for the bourgeoning crowds of craft beer fans that have been appearing acrossBritish Columbia. They use the flagrant tactic of producing seductively tasty craft beers.

Situation updates will be posted on the pub’s Facebook page as they become available.


For latest updates on this situation contact Martin Lewis at 250-462-0308.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New Perspective

This past weekend was the Okanagan Fest of Ale in Penticton an event that I have Judged for the last 5 years. This year I rejoined the board of directors for this event and took on the role of judging chair. I also ended up putting my name on the liquor license which meant a sober weekend at the event for me. I think that this is the first time I have attended this event and not consumed any product at all.We found 5 great judges headed up by Alan Moen from Northwest Brewing News and rounded out by Joe Weibe, Jim Martin, Robert Trent and Marty Campbell as well as a Member of the public who won a radio contest to judge for a day. We allowed each brewery to enter 1 of 8 self declared categories of beer or cider and held a blind tasting to determine the category winners by score. After we had the winners the 5 pros debated which brew would receive best of show 4 of the 8 quickly rose to the top and after a lively debate Stag apple Scotch Ale from Tin Whistle Brewing was chosen as best of show
Between running judging and paying the bands it was an eye opener to watch the room and how the flow and interactions were working. I can report that it is a well coordinated effort from a great team of board members and volunteers that make it happen. I find it interesting how many people are genuinely looking to try and find new beers and improve their knowledge of beer in general. The brewers gladly impart their considerable knowledge tell stories and make the public have a great beer experience.
Who knows maybe I will never drink at another festival.
(Don't believe a word of the last sentence.)  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Always a Lot Happening

Just when I think that there can't be a whole lot of new things out there in the world of alcoholic beverages the suppliers prove me wrong. We have whiskey from virtual distilleries and beer from a brewery within a brewery in a style that's not a style. These are not bad things they're just new things I just put the Hops and  Bolts IPL on tap from Mad and Noisy Brewing which is part of Creemore Springs in Ontario. IPL stands for India Pale Lager which up until this year no one had ever heard of. It is a cross style of IPA and Lager which makes for a hoppy crisp hybrid that goes down easy
 At our last whisky tasting we tried the Tantallon Highland single malt bottled by the Scotch Malt Whisky society It is Highland malt but there is no distillery at Tantallon Not bad whisky but not outstanding either.

Time will tell if these new trends will fade away or become the norm but one thing is sure there will be something new every time you turn around as long as there are consumers to buy it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Apps Apps and More Apps

So most of us are tied to a smart phone of some ilk, my poison is an Iphone and I have to admit it makes life a little easier from time to time. There are some Apps that I use a lot that you should probably have if you are serious about all things booze. The first and most important to me is the BCLDB app as it lets me know if it is available in the province who has it and how much it costs. 
The next would be the Mixology App as you can find any drink recipe you might want as well as the glass you should serve it in
If you are a beer guru then you will want BJCP judging styles App for measuring if the beer you are drinking conforms to style. and Untapped to track all those great brews you try.
There are many more worthwhile Apps for every format and interest you might have, pick some try them and use what works.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Big Changes in B.C.

Well here we sit in 2013 and barely a month into the year we get some big news from the liquor licensing branch. manufacturers can own pubs and restaurants and pubs and restaurants can own breweries wineries or distilleries. Here's the but, you can only produce a certain amount of each product when you apply and you can only associate with up to 3 establishments. It is going to be fun to watch how this new boondoggle gets sorted out! Good for breweries however is the new provision to have lounges, patios and function areas. Again with the but, you can only serve the products made on site so you still can't get a beer at a winery or a wine at a brewery. This seems to be destined to change what if you own a brewery and a winery on the same property? Maybe I am just a bit cynical of governments ability to draft policy in a single step it usually takes a few tries before they get it right